Observatory Alpha Centaurus

ZWO guiding scope diameter 60mm. Focal lengte 280mm

Skywatcher EQ6 Pro


SkyScan GOTO system

SynScan handcontroller (database with 13.400 objects)

ASI120MM-S  Mono astrocamera/autoguider USB3.0


- ASI120 is a very fast and sensitive USB3.0 camera.


- Up to 60FPS under 1280X960 full resolution!


- With a peak QE of 75%, beyond ICX618 and with no FPN(Fixed pattern Noise)!


- Long time exposure supported up to 1000s!





12-Megapixel image quality

ATK-16 IC-HS and IC-C Specifications:


CCD Chip Monochrome: CCD - Sony ICX-424AL (Data Sheet)

Colour: CCD - Sony ICX-424AQ (Data Sheet)

Chip diagonal 6mm - diagonal

Horizontal resolution 640 pixels

Vertical resolution 480 pixels

Pixel size 7.4 x 7.4 um

Readout Noise 7e RMS

Computer port USB 1.1

Frame Rate 10fps @ 320x240 (fast mode)

Power supply USB - no separate power supply needed

Max. Exposure time unlimited

Cooling Peltier Cooling

Dimensions 50x68 mm (w/o 1.25" adaptor)

Weight 350 grams (incl. cable)

107 mm APM apochromatische refractor




- Length 580mm (665mm Observing)

- Max Diameter 145mm

- Tube Weight 12.6Ibs / 5.7kg

- Aperture 107mm

- Focal Length 700mm

- Focal Ratio f6.5

- Resolution 1.07” Arc Seconds

- Limit Value 11.9 Magnitude

- Max Mag 214x

Starwave achromatic refractor used as additional telescope


Main camera for deepsky photography type ASI533MC


William Optics RedCat 51


Opening (mm): 51

Brandpuntafstand (mm): 250

Snelheid (f): 4.9

Maximaal zinvolle vergroting (x): 127.5

Minimaal zinvolle vergroting (x): 8.16

Maximale resolutie (arcsec/pixel): 2.27

Grensmagnitude: 11.24